About Bojnurd

Know More About Bojnurd City

Historical Attractions


Tepe Pahlavan (near Jajarm, A prehistoric archeological site)

Jalalal-din castle (Jajarm)

Miandasht wildlife refuge (living place of Asiatic Cheetah)

petroglyphic site from Bronze Age in Jorbat (10 km north of Jajarm)

Hasanabad old castle

Ghaisar old castle

Solak old castle

Faghatdezh castle

Tomb of Sheikh Ali Esfarayeni

Mofakham mirror house (image), built during the Qajar era

Ancient Belqeis City

Qeisar Castle

Teimouri Tomb

Imamzadeh Sultan Seyed Abbas

Baba Tavakol mausoleum


Natural Attractions


Sari Gol protected area

Noshirvan and Ebadatgah caves

Saloog Protected Area

Besh Qardash (five brothers) spring

Baba-Aman spring

Bidag cave

Konegarm cave

Konjekooh cave

Armadloo cave

Seyed Sadegh cave

Salook Protected Area

Bazkhaneh valley

Ayyub mineral water spring

Ruwin village

Qarahsou River



Handicraft & Souvenir


Charuq (clodhopper shoes), traditional shoes


Silk textiles

Felt carpet


Stone sculptures

Turquoise stone rings 

Ceramic products. 

Wooden and metal products

Paintings on leather