About Hamedan

Know More About Hamedan City

Historical Attractions

1.    Tomb of Baba Taher

2.    The Tomb of Avicenna (Abu Ali Sina)

3.    Dome of Alavian (Gonbad-e Alavian)

4.    Qorban Tower

5.    Tomb of Esther and Mordechai

6.    GanjNameh

7.    The stone lion

8.    Estakhr-e Abbas Abad

9.    Excavated Ancient Ekbatana City (Ancient city of Hekmataneh)

10. Hekmatane Hill

11. Grigori Stephan Church

12. Hamadan Museum of Natural History

13. Nazari House

14. Mohammadi House

15. Borj-e Ghorban

16. Grand Bazaar of Mozafarieh

17. Haj aqatorab bathroom (Nahavand)

18. The Tomb of Habakkuk (one of Jews Prophets)

19. The tomb of Seifaldoleh

20. The tomb of Joshua-ebnenoh (one of Jews Prophets)

21.  Ardalan Castle (Oshtoran)

22.  Imamzadeh Abdollah Mosque

23.  Hamedan Great Mosque

24.  Imamzadeh Yahiya

25.  ImamzadehHossein

26.  Imamzadeh Mohsen (Kooh) 

Natural Attractions

1.    Ali-Sadr Cave

2.    Alvand Mountain

3.    Mishan, a plain of Alvand Mountain

4.    Waterfall of Ganjnameh

5.    Sarab Cave (Kabodar Ahang)

6.    Abshineh Pond (Talab-E- Abshineh)

7.    Doozakh Dareh Valley

Handicraft & Souvenir

1.    Leather work

2.    Ceramic and earthenware

3.    Carpets and Kilim' weaving

4.    Types of sweetmeats, such as Komajand grape syrup

5.    Clothing (mainly to do with the nomads)

6.    'Jajeem' (or a loosely woven woolen material)

7.    'Geeveh' (a local foot-ware)