How to get visa to visit Iran

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When you start planning a trip to any country, one of the main concerns would be the visa process.

Fortunately, Iran visa process for most nationalities is a piece of cake and Iran government tries to make the process even easier by making more flexible policies, for example From November 2018, the head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), announced that the country will no longer stamp or put stickers to passports of foreign tourists in a bid to ease their concerns about travelling to other countries after leaving Iran. In June 2019 President of Iran ordered the Interior Ministry to implement the decision on not stamping passports of foreigners.


You may be overwhelmed by tons of questions when you think about obtaining Iran visa, may be the process seems complicated for you.

In this article we tried to cover most popular questions you may have in case of Iran visa process, as listed here;


-       Which nationalities can enter Iran without visa?

-       What is Iran visa on arrival (VOA) process and exceptions?

-       When you need to apply for an Iran tourist visa in advance?

-       What fees you should expect for your Iran visa?            

-       What is Visa process for Americans, UK and Canadian citizens?

-       How to apply for an Iran tourist visa in advance?

-       Iran Visa Extensions

-       Why you should choose Iran's Travel to obtain your visa?



Which nationalities can enter Iran without visa?

Tourists from most countries must obtain visa from Iranian diplomatic missions, although there are citizens of 14 countries who can visit Iran without visa;

Turkey                  180 days       

Armenia               90 days within 180 days

Syria                     90 days within 180 days

Georgia                45 days

Bolivia                  30 days

Azerbaijan            30 days

Oman                   30 days

Lebanon              30 days

Macau                  21 days

Hong Kong          21 days

China                   21 days

Egypt                    20 days

Malaysia              15 days

Venezuela            15 days


What is Iran visa on arrival (VOA) process and exceptions?

Passport holders of most countries can obtain Iran visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days (extendable), at the following airports;

Bandar Abbas International Airport (Bandar Abbas)

Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan)

Kish International Airport (Kish Island)

Mashhad International Airport (Mashad)

Qeshm international Airport (Qeshm Island) [24]

Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz)

Tabriz International Airport (Tabriz)

Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran)

Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran)

Urmia Airport (Urmia)

Ahvaz International Airport (Ahvaz)

Kerman Airport (Kerman)

Larestan International Airport (Lar)


To obtain Iran visa on arrival, you must already have made an application, at least 2 days prior to arrival, at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affair's E-Visa website and present the submission notification at the airport's visa desk on arrival.

 If you need Agency help in this case just fill out visa form in Iran's Travel website and we do the process for you as fast as possible.

-- Iran VOA requirements

- Hotel reservation – You need at least have your print of hotel reservation of first night with you. If you'll stay with a friend don't forget to have their contact email in hand. May be in the airport they want to contact them so your friend should be available.

- Travel Insurance – All travelers must have valid travel insurance for Iran. If you do have it, you should bring any documents which prove it. If you don’t, you can buy it in the airport.


Which nationalities can't get VOA services?

Visa on arrival is not applicable to citizens of the following countries; who must obtain a visa in advance:

 Canada, UK, US, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal,Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka

Needless to say; citizens of Israel can’t enter Iran.

According to MFA, if there is any evidence on your passport, your visa will be granted as long your last visit to Israel was more than six months ago. It is recommended to renew your passport.


How much fees you should expect for your Iran visa?            

Depending on your nationality, you should pay 10-150 euros for Iran VOA.

If an Agency registered for your visa grant notice, they can tell you how much MFA would charge you. Although, MFA every year publish the specific amount which citizens of any countries should pay as visa fee.


As you may know, non-Iranian debit/credit cards aren’t accepted in Iran so you must have enough cash in the airport for the visa fee.

When you need to apply for an Iran tourist visa in advance?

There are some exceptions for travelers to get Iran Visa on arrival, so travelers have to or in some cases prefer to get their visa grant notice in advance;

1 – Enter Iran from Iran borders

If you are coming from Afghanistan,Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan or Turkey, you must apply for your visa in advance.


2 – Don’t prefer to spend several hours in the airport

If you already have your visa, you can enter the country immediately. However, the VOA process takes much more times depend of how crowded is the airport when you arrive.

3 – Reduce risk of obtaining visa

There are some reports from travelers who claimed that their VOA was not granted because they didn’t have a return flight ticket or because the authorities could not contact their host or any other excuse.

The percentage of people in this situation is very low but still, there might be some small risk. If you want to make sure, get your visa in advance.


4 – American, British or Canadian Passport holders

These three nationalities are not eligible for a VOA, so you will have to arrange your visa via a travel agency.


What is Visa process for American, British or Canadian Passport holders?

The MFA requires Americans, Canadian and British passport holders to make a tour from arrival to departure, essentially this means they must book a guided tour through a licensed agency.

First of all agencies will help you to prepare a confirmed itinerary include hotels and sites you will see in Iran.

Then you will fill up the visa from and send them a resume about your job and your education status.

And visa process will start by agency and It takes about 30 working days to get your visa grant notice which you can collect your visa easily in Iran Embassies (consulates).


How to apply for an Iran tourist visa in advance?

Iran's Travel will help you to obtain your visa as soon as possible, Read the visa process here; 

and we are always available if there was any question;

Iran Visa Extensions

You can extend your visa easily twice for 30 days, it means you can stay in Iran up to 90 days. Immigration visa office in any provincial capitals would extend your visa.


Ø  Why you should choose Iran's Travel to obtain your visa?

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