Mesr desert

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Iran deserts are one of the most beautiful phenomena in Iran which attract many tourists to their mesmerizing views every year.

In this article, Iran's Travel introduces you one of the most attractive deserts in Iran, Mesr desert.

Mesr Desert

Mesr desert is a village in Isfahan province and it is 45 Km from "Jandagh/ Jandaq"- a city in Isfahan Province. Mesr desert village has a population of 120 people and because of its spectacular desert landscapes; it hosts many tourists every year.

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Why this land is called Mesr?

There are numerous narrations about why locals named this desert Mesr, but the most famous one refers to a person called "Joseph". He was one of the inhabitants of this village. At that time, the village suffers from a lack of water, so Joseph dug a deep hole and could gain water.

Egypt is called Mesr in Persian language and to respect Prophet Joseph, this land called Mesr.

Garmeh, Mesr desert, Mesr desert tour

What are the main attractions in Mesr desert?

 Mesr desert is as beautiful as you can take several hours there and you stare to its beauties such as yellow sandhills. In Mesr desert You can stand up the place and watch endless yellow hills. Touching warm sands between your toes is an unforgettable memory that you ever have had.

sand dunes on mesr desert

In addition to this, at night, everything is different in Mesr desert. At nights, you are invited to the "stars' celebration" of the desert. If you look at the sky, you would not like to ignore it. Stars seem so far as you think you can get them by raising your hand.

Camel riding on dunes is another exciting entertainment when you attend in Mesr desert tours. 

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Safari with 4*4 vehicles through the Mesr desert is another popular activity there. When you go through the hills you will meet beautiful reeds in the Mesr desert, bridal bed and Abbasi bed, and Slknon salt lake.

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Where is the Mesr desert salt lake?

Visiting the salt lake of Khur is something that can complete your excursion to Mesr desert area of Khur and Biabank. The attraction is known as the salt lake of Mesr desert because it is located near it and because of its location in the city of Khur and Biabank also referred to as the salt lake of Khur and Biabank.

The Khur Salt Lake is the largest seasonal salt lake in Iran. Regular geometric shapes have covered the surface of the lake and exhibited a particular attraction.

salt lake in desert

In all the surrounded areas of the Khur Salt Lake, you just can see desert, but the beautiful salt forms fill the void of all beauties and give the earth a special look. These salt forms are regular polygon structures that are network-shaped and are known as polygons or polygons.

These forms turn black in the winter due to mixing with clay and in the summer they are white due to the intensity of evaporation.

iran salt lake, mesr desert salt lake

The surface of the Salt Lake has no water most days of the year, allowing you to get to the heart of the lake and enjoy the salt and mesr desert nature. Remember, though, that water flows beneath the surface and passes beneath your feet. Take care of the polygons as well and do not destroy them with your feet.

Photographing this beautiful divine manifestation is one of the activities you can do and enjoy your happy moments on this journey to Mesr desert forever. Sunrise and sunset are the most spectacular scenes in this nature as well as all Iran deserts, so don't miss to observe the desert at sunrise or sunset time.

When is the best time to visit Mesr desert?

The temperature in the middle of Dashte-Kavir is really high in summer so the best time to visit there are autumn and winter, better to say September to April is the best time to have a tour to Mesr Desert.


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How to have a tour to Mesr Desert?

Although it is possible to go by private car, there are some tours to Mesr desert by locals.

Iran's Travel offers Mesr desert tours every week. This tour takes two days and one night. It starts from Yazd to Isfahan and vice versa. 

If you start this tour from Yazd you can visit other desert's villages en route too.

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The itinerary of Mesr desert tour is flexible and changeable by your demand. If you wanted to stay more in the Mesr desert, have Safari in Mesr desert, and so on just inform us. 

 You also can have the Mesr desert tour as a part of your Iran tour package, you can customize any Iran tour by adding visiting Mesr desert tour to it.


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Where to stay in Mesr desert?

Booking accommodation will be part of your Mesr desert tour.

Some of the accommodation we will book for you depends on your interests and your budget will be Rohab guesthouse, Pazirik ecolodge, Birahe guesthouse, Barandaz lodge, Afzal guesthouse, Kariz ecolodge.


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