Meet mesmerizing Maranjab desert

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Apart from unique attractions of Maranjab, you can gain calm because of its quiet environment.

Iran's Travel will introduce you what you can expect when you travel to Maranjab desert;

Desert National Park

Desert National Park is an area of 5 square kilometers. Due to its biodiversity, it is so-called "small Africa". This park has 34 different species of mammals, 155 different specious of birds, and 34 different specious of reptiles.

If you are lucky enough, you can visit them. Besides, it has picturesque view such as "Ghasre Bahram Public House" and Rainbow Mountain which includes colorful layers.

Wandering Island

Wandering Island is located in "Salt Lake". The reason for this name is that if you look at it from far distance, you will have visual illusion; for this reason it seems that the surface of the island is a little higher than its real as if it is suspense. In the drier seasons, seeing salt crystals that cause reticular texture on the surface will be a blessing.

Kunak Hills

If you want to experience one of the most beautiful desert landscapes you have to climb the hills of Kunak in Maranjab Desert. Climbing these hills is not an easy task, especially when your feet sink to their knees. But rest assured that it is worth the test. If you plan your trip to reach the top of the hills by sunset, you won't be able to see the spectacular view for hours.

Maranjab Caravanserai

The 9,000-meter-long 9-foot-tall inn has a 4-year history and its architecture dates back to the Safavid period. Maranjab inn despite being near the largest salt lake in Iran, has freshwater aqueduct. This inn is nowadays suitable for use by desert travelers. In the past, the inn was on the Silk Road and many businessmen came to the area to relax.

The Caravanserai also served as a defensive fortress during the reign of Shah Abbas. Do not miss the experience of crossing the desert and reaching this camel caravan.

The unique Maranjab Desert is located 2 kilometers north of Aran and Bidgol in Isfahan province. The best way to reach it is from Aran and Bidgol city near Kashan.