The tower of silence of Yazd and its secrets

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 What are the towers of silence?

The ancient Zoroastrians made the tower of silences to perform special religious ceremonies and also as a place to keep the bodies of their dead loved ones. Given that the Zoroastrians considered the human body to be impure and believed that burying the dead in the soil polluted the soil element.

Tower of silence of Yazd like other towers of silence around Iran, was built far from the residential areas and outside the Yazd city in the form of a stone cylinder. Zoroastrians believed that staying away from the city would prevent the wind blows to spread anything from dead bodies to the city.

The towers of silence were built at heights so that carnivorous birds such as vultures could more easily access them and eventually placed the remaining bones in a well.

Walking through the tower of silence of Yazd

As a part of your Yazd tour, you'll definitely visit the tower of silence of Yazd. When you reach the mountain area, you will see two buildings, one of which is older than the other. The oldest tomb is called Mankji Hatria, which was built by a man of the same name, who was originally Indian, with a diameter of 15 meters and dates back to 1235 AH. The second building is known as Golestan and dates back to the Qajar era; it was built in 1310 AH and its diameter is 25 meters and its height is 6 meters. The second tower is said to have been built because the first tower was impassable.


The structure of the tower of silence

The tower of silence has a dome-shaped roof covered with slate and its interior is divided into three sections: men's, women's, and children's. The end part, which is attached to the wall for men, has a circular section in the middle for women and the next part is for children and in the middle of the tower of silence is a large well that has been the burial place for the bones of the bodies.


What are the other buildings in the tower of silence area of Yazd?

On the same north side of the mountain, known as Dakhmeh (tower of silence) Mountain, there are several other brick buildings called Khileh, and after the Zoroastrians handed over the bodies of their ancestors to there, they wore white clothes for three days to do the funeral ceremonies.

 For almost 50 years to now, Zoroastrians have not buried their dead in the former way due to the expansion of cities and the prevention of air and soil pollution.

Some tips to know before visiting the tower of silence in Yazd

·        The best time to visit the tower of silence in your Yazd tour is early in the morning and in the evening to escape the sun's heat.

At those moments you have the chance of visiting beautiful sunrise and sunset at the top of the mountain with a nice view of the Yazd city too.

·        Entering the tower of silence needs to climb up many stairs, which is difficult for the disabled, pregnant women, the elderly, or the disabled to cross.


Where to stay near the tower of silence in Yazd?

Tower of silence is located in the Safaeiyeh region, far from the center of the Yazd city.

The closest hotels to the tower of silence are the Arg-E-Jadid hotel, Rah and Ma hotel and restaurant, and the Parsian Safaiyeh hotel.

To book your hotels during your Yazd tour (Iran tour), you can request to book.


Where to eat near the tower of silence in Yazd?

Although there aren't lots of options to stay in the Safaeiyeh area in Yazd, you have lots of choices to eat and drink there. The closest one is the Arg hotel coffee shop and restaurant.


Other towers of silence in Yazd province

The Firoozabad tower of silence, Cham tower of silence (in Cham village, Taft city, Yazd), and Ardakan tower of silence, are the other towers of silence in Yazd province.

Where else you can visit the towers of silences in your Iran tours

There are some towers of silence in Iran that are no longer used by Zoroastrians; One of the most famous of these is the Siraf port (Bandar e Siraf) in the tower of silence in Bushehr province, which was used as a Muslim cemetery after Islam.

Also, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, which is the only tomb built like a house.

You can visit the tomb of Cyrus the Great in our tours from Yazd to Shiraz or Shiraz to Yazd tours.

Zoroastrian towers of silence, are also located in other cities such as Tehran, Kerman, Sirjan, Isfahan, and … which you can also visit during your Iran tours.