What should you know before your trip to Iran

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1-  Iran has one currency with two names. On the money it is written in Rial but it read as Toman. Don’t be confused, when you delete one zero in Rial you will reach Tooman.
For example: 10000 Rial is equal to 1000 Toman.

2- In Iran drinking alcohol is forbidden, so don’t search it anywhere.

3- Iranian dressing has some restrictions special for woman, you can find some photos here:

4- Shaking hand between a woman and a stranger man isn’t common in Iran, so let the ladies start shaking hand.

5- Getting visa is the hardest part of travel to Iran, but our travel agency in take a Visa Reference Number with a fair price for you. So request us here:
 and don’t waste your time in the Iranian embassy in your country.

6- There is a weird Iranian culture rule in Iran which denotes politeness but can confuse you. It called Taarof in Persian. It will be happen when you want to pay money to a seller. At first they refuse to accept money but don’t be happy it is just Taarof, you have to try to pay again.

7- All the hotels, most of guesthouse and some bus and train stations has western toilet. But it is better to bring toilet paper from your hotel most of the WC in the way hasn’t toilet paper.

8- Sometimes you want to read the price from the menu, I can help you here:

9-  Do you want to know Persian alphabet, too?

10- Bring a good camera; there are lots of special and beautiful things to capture.