Travel to Lut desert, and observe Shahdad Kaluts

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When we are preparing Iran trip itinerary and ask about tourist's interests, it is visible that visiting the Iran deserts is in many tourist's bucket list. And of course, the transcendental and Illusory perspective of Shahdad Kaluts attracts many tourists to this region every year. 

The possibility of Camping, trekking, and Safari has made this area more attractive.

In this article, we try to give you some information about this Shahdad Kalut to make the Iran Trip for you more enjoyable.

shahdad kalut desert


Shahdad Kaluts are located in Lut desert (Dasht-e Lut) the 25th largest desert in the world.  Dasht-e Lut was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list on July 17, 2016.

What does Kalut mean and how Kaluts came into being?

Kaluts are some rock bumps, located in the Lut desert, Actually Kalut is made of two words: Kal+ lut, Kal means village in local dialects and Lut refers to the area these villages are located; Lut desert.

The main cause of the formation of Kaluts is wind and water. In Kerman, the 120-day winds are blowing from Sistan and have eroded the walls of the rock buildings and created these natural attractions.

According to some experts, the salty rivers have more impact on the Kaluts, which also flow into the deepest parts of Iran. The Salty River is the only permanent river in the heart of the Lut Desert, originating from the northern mountains of Birjand, and after crossing the winding path about 4 kilometers to the southeast, it reaches the salt mountain and salt mine pit. The river's water is too salty, not unexpected, as it passes through the desert and dissolves many salts. 


How to reach the Shahdad Kalut?

To reach to Shahdad Kalut you have to arrive Nehbandan city to get to Kerman - Bam road and after a bit of driving along this road, you will see a signed road that will guide you to Shahdad Kalut, Kerman. The path to Sirch road is a safe and secure highway, but then a mountain road is waiting for you.

You need authorizations to visit some parts of the Shahdad and Kalut area.

When is the best season to visit Shahdad Kalut?

To visit all desert regions, autumn is the best time, the temperature isn't that much high and the weather is more appropriate, Spring is the other good time to visit Kalut.

What do you need when you visit the desert?

1- Mineral water 2- Snacks 3- Warm cloth for the night and cotton cloths for day 4- Sun hats 5- Hiking boots 6- ID card 7- Sunglasses and sunscreen are some necessary things you will need.


shahdad desert kalut

Why Shahdad area is so important, historically and naturally?

These natural structures are located parallel to the southeast of the Dasht-e Kavir and are also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It may be interesting to know that a civilization that has been in the heart of Lut plain (Dasht-e Kavir) for more than 5,000 years is near the cliffs of Shahdad. According to experts and archaeologists, many works, including pottery, statues, and ornaments, have been found in the area, the oldest work found in the heart of the desert in the Shahdad Valley. With all these interpretations, the Shahdad region is both a unique phenomenon and historically significant.


Shahdad desert starry sky

Where to stay in Shahdad Kalut?

For those who want to stay near Shahdad Kalut in Kerman, some camps have been set up and travelers can easily access the amenities they need. This camp is the only desert camp in Lut and is built between several cliffs in the north and south and is not damaged by wind and sandstorms. The dome-shaped pergolas are the main reason for the camp's popularity in the area. You shouldn't expect a lot from a desert camp, although it would be a unique and not repeatable experience.

The area is a little confusing so it is necessary to have a local guide or somebody who knows the region with you.


Shahdad desert camp

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