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Travel to Iran during Qatar World cup 2022
Created On : 7/14/2022 9:25:25 AM
Travel to Iran during Qatar World cup 2022, Iran expects to take the advantage of World Cup 2022 by using its many tourist spots such as markets, museums, mosques, bridges, baths, schools, tombs, churches, towers, and mansions, 26 of which are registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
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What do you need to know if you travel to Iran in Muharram
Created On : 8/26/2019 4:22:29 AM
If you travel to Iran during Muharram, Ashura and Arbaeen, you should know some details to change it to a great exprience.
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Happy Cyrus the Great Day!
Created On : 10/30/2017 11:23:38 AM
On October 29, 539 B.C.E., Cyrus the Great, King of Persia, entered the city of Babylon and proclaimed himself King of the four corners of the world.
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Travel to Iran in Ramadan
Created On : 5/27/2017 11:55:43 AM
Ramazan (Ramadan) in Iran
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Golab Giri (Rose water distillation ceremony)
Created On : 5/8/2017 11:33:10 AM
Iran supplies 90% of global rosewater demand and accounts for 8-10% of rose essence production in the world. Attending this ceremony grabs tourists' attention every year.
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Commemoration of the master of eloquence Saadi
Created On : 4/21/2017 7:19:48 PM
Commemoration of Saadi
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Iranian New Year, NowRuz
Created On : 3/22/2016 12:32:43 PM
NowRuz is the Persian New Year that represents a long history with Iranian culture and traditions. Here we meet some of them
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Shabe Yalda (The longest night of the year)
Created On : 12/23/2015 12:27:50 PM
Iranian Celebrating the longest night of the year called Shabe Yalda
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