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There are a lot of historical attractions on the way between Yazd and Isfahan. We recommend booking our Yazd to Isfahan tour to get the most from your trip.


It is almost 315 K.m from Yazd to Isfahan, If you use a private car it takes around 4:00 hour and by bus, it takes around 5:00 hours.

There are lots of monuments and attractions between Yazd and Isfahan, to get the most from your trip to Isfahan we recommend joining our Yazd to Isfahan tour.

In this tour, you will visit Kharanaq, Chak Chak, and Meybod first:

  • The 4500-year-old Kharanaq village
  • Chak Chak the holy shrine of Zoroastrians
  • Meybod city and its monuments:

1.    Narin Qala (Narin Castel)

2.    Meybod Caravanserai

3.    The Pigeon House (Tower)

4.    Zillow (Zilou) Museum

5.    Ice- House

Check more about this tour on Kharanaq- Chak Chak- Meybod tour

Then we drive to visit Na'in (Naein) city with its Jame mosque.

 Finally we will drop you off in your hotel or anywhere you want in Isfahan.


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Tour Services

Tour Services:

     1- An A/C Car.

     2- English speaking driver OR driver/guide in any language base on your request.

     3- Refreshment.

Tour Starts at 8:00 A.M

Tour Finishes at 18:00 P.M

Please note: The time of start and finish the tour is flexible, you can ask to start earlier or later. The driver will be patient enough to let you explore as much as you want so your tour can take even longer than it.

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