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You will visit an ancient Iranian belief that keeping bright the fire temple after 2500 years, the remains of an ancient city ruins left and historical important monuments.

In this special you will visit:


 Kharanaq Citadel village.

 Caravan Sarai.

 Shaking minaret.

 Chak Chak, the holy Temple of Zorastrians.

 Visit Narain castle the oldest mud brick castle in Iran.

 Caravansarai Shah  Abbasi.

 Zeloo Museum.


 Handicrafts showrooms.

 Pigeon House.


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Tour Services

Tour Services: 

     1- An A/C Car.

     2- English speaking attendant.

     3- Refreshment.

Tour Start: 8:00 A.M

Tour Finish: 15:00 P.M 

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