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About Zein o Din Caravanserai


Zein-o-Din Caravanseria was built over 400 years ago during the reign of the Safavid Dynasty. It was last renovated in 2003.


Zein-o-din caravanseria is a unique property designed for the experience of older days in Yazd. It has 32 well-ventilated rooms. Some rooms have a private bathroom with a shower. They also have tents sharing the same showers.

A plentiful buffet breakfast is served daily. The caravanserai also serves a selection of traditional Persian dishes for dinner every night.

Distance from airports and Railroads

This property is 57-minute drive (79 km) from Shahid Sadooghi Airport, and a 50-minute drive (71 km) from Yazd’s railway. It is also about a 20-minute drive from

Nearby attractions

Zein-o-din caravanserai is a 28-minute drive from Saryazd castle; an 1800 years old castle and the last three-story historical structure still existing in Yazd. It is also about a 20-minute drive from Abolfazl restaurant and Karimabad village.

Distance from Main Attractions

Travel times may vary depending on the traffic. This property is approximately an hour’s drive from Yazd’s main city and its famous sites.

  • Amir Chakhmaq Complex: a 56-minute drive (74 km)
  • Congregational Mosque of Yazd: a 62-minute drive (75 km)
  • Moshir Garden Hotel: a 59-minute drive (75 km)
  • Dowlat Abad Garden: a 58-minute drive (74 km)
  • Lariha House: a 63-minute drive (75 km)
  • Khan Bazaar: a 59-minute drive (74 km)
  • Alexander's Prison: a 63-minute drive (75 km)
  • Atash Behram: a 52-minute drive (73 km)
  • Zoroastrien's Dakhmeh: a 43-minute drive (64 km)


This accommodation is mainly recommended for backpackers and friends.

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