Traveler Experience Details

Mauricio, Brazil ...

You have been great and exceeded all our expectations. I was very well taken care of by the agency from the first contact. You have always been very courteous and quick and, above all, you have attended to all my requests, even the most difficult ones.

Mehdi was an excellent guide, always very patient and extremely friendly. We felt safe, confident and very well taken care of in his hands. He always provided us with water and fresh fruits and everything else we needed.

Also, it complied with everything we asked for, including changes to the itinerary. When I lost my passport, you and Mehdi did a great and hard work, much more than expected. In addition to working hard and with a lot of skills, you made a lot of effort on making me comfortable with the situation.

In Yazd, you have given us an excellent dinner and, more than a good restaurant, you have made a point of dividing the company, family and attention of you. I had never been treated that way by any travel agency.

The itinerary that you offered was excellent and you really made our trip something special. I am very grateful for all the work you have done and for all the affection with which you have done it. I also loved Iran: the country is beautiful, full of beauties, history, monuments, parks, gardens and lots of culture. Besides all this, the Iranian people are wonderful, friendly, kind and very hospitable. I was very well received everywhere I went and felt very welcomed. I will definitely recommend to my friends that they visit Iran and hire Iran S Travel

Thank you so much for everything! Thank you Mehdi and Azimeh for you wonderful job!