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From ancient mud-brick cities and fortifications to one of the holiest sites of Zoroastrianism, the arid landscape in the Iranian province of Yazd hides some of the most unique and unknown sites that you can find in the Islamic Republic.

After spending two days in Isfahan, I ventured in a full day journey to the desert city of Yazd, first stopping at all the hidden sites that this province has to offer. Follow my journey from Isfahan to Yazd while I discover Nain Mosque, the holy Zoroastrian site of Chak Chak, as well as the ancient cities of Meybod and Kharanaq!

I reached Yazd private transfer from Isfahan to Yazd organised by Iran’s travel. My original plan was to take a direct VIP bus from Isfahan to Yazd, and from there do a day trip to some of the many interesting locations near this unknown city in the desert. However, I soon realised that most of the places of interest were actually located between Isfahan and Yazd, so it didn’t make much sense not to stop on the way.

After much research, Iran’s Travel was offering just what I needed. Their private transfer included all the highlights between Isfahan and Yazd, including Nain Mosque, Narin Castle, Chack Chack and Kharanaq. Since the transfer is private, you can adjust the itinerary and stop as much or as little as you need in each location...

Iran’s Travel is a tour operator whose purpose is to make the most memorable trip to Iran for you, offering all type of visits across Iran, from multi-day tours to one-day visits. The visit started at 8am from my hotel in Isfahan and we made it to Yazd around 6pm.