About Bandar Abbas

Know More About Bandar Abbas City

Historical Attractions

1. Emarat-e Kolah Farangi (built by and during the Dutch occupation)
2. Berkeh haye Baran (six traditional water reservoirs)
3. Gele-dari traditional bath
4. The Hindu temple
5. Latidan Bridge, built during the era of Shah Abbas I
6. Fekri House
7. Sa'di House
8. Fort of Our Lady of the Conception in Hormoz island
9. Galedari Mosque
10. Portuguese Castle
11. Water museum, Bandar-Abbas
12. Bastak Caravanserai
13. Historical cemetery of ramekan village
14. Big museum of bandar abbas
15. Harire Ancient City
16. Greek Ship
17. Tomb of Bibi Tomneniti 
18. Do Gonbadan Kokhard or religious shrines
Kish Island, the most popular tourist resort in southern Iran in the Persian Gulf
Kish Park-e Shahr
Kariz Underground City
Glass-bottom boat Creed
Hengam Park
Kish recreational quay
Paniz Market
Green Tree Kish
Zeytone-e-kish International Market
Kish artists passage
Dolphin Park
Garden Birds kish

Qeshm Island
Laft Historical Port
Chahkouh Valley 
Bukhow Mountain 
Basira Mountain
Qeshm desert
Namakdan salt cave & dome 
Naaz islands 
Kharbas caves 
Crocodile farm 
Qeshm roof   
Star Valleys

Natural Attractions

1. Valley Jamash
2. Geno protected area (Geno UNESCO natural biosphere reserve)
3. Salt Cave Khrsyn siaho
4. Various hot water springs like Geno hot spring
5. Hormoz Island
6. Hara forests (Hara UNESCO natural biosphere reserve)

Handicraft & Souvenir

 1. Weaving Gar Gour
2. earthenware pots known as 'hableh'
3. textiles worked with laced gold or silver braids known as 'golabatoon'
4. bedding sheets
5. rugs
6. carpets 
7. woven baskets and mats
8. handicrafts made of shells