Iran welcomes Chinese tourists more than anytime

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Iran welcomes Chinese tourists more than anytime

Iran and China have been in good relationship with each other. Annually, a lot of Chinese visit Iran, this amount is increasing sharply every year.

Good news is that from July 2019, Chines can travel to Iran without obtaining Iran visa and enjoy visiting numerous tourist attractions- both natural and historical in Iran.

And as you may know, Iran will no longer stamp or put stickers to passports of foreign tourists in a bid to ease their concerns about travelling to other countries after leaving Iran.


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What do encourage Chinese tourists for traveling to Iran?

Iran has great ancient history like China; Besides, It has a lot of traditional places like castles, palaces, bridges, churches, mosques, and traditional markets that have remained from decades and even millenniums.

The friendship of Iranian with Chinese

Iran and China have a lot in common, In case of culture, art and so on.

The Chinese are interested in Iranian carpet, Iranian culture and history (and the Silk Road link between the two civilizations), Iranian music and literature, and ... curious about the unknowns of Iran. On the other hand, Iranian always adore Chinese rich culture, fabulous handicrafts, civilizations and so on and it would be a great opportunity for both sides to know each other more by traveling to each other countries.

Chinese are always be welcomed by Iranian. All Chinese who have visited Iran before can confirm Iranian open heart and hospitality to Chinese tourists.


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How is the cost of travelling to Iran? Are the expenses affordable?

Regarding to the booming economy of China and high value of money in comparison with Iran, tourists can easily travel to Iran without any anxiety about the costs.

As a result, Iran is a charming, safe, and affordable for  East Asian people and tourists can experience unforgettable memories in Iran.

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