How is travelling to Iran during summer

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Being home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, many UNESCO sites, beautiful villages, diverse landscapes, the most hospitable people in the world, unspoiled countryside, there are enough places to visit in Iran to last a lifetime.

Add an endless supply of delicious foods to the mix and it’s no wonder Iran is on every people's bucket list. Despite its almost universal appeal, Iran is really cheap

Iran delicious food

Summertime is an ideal time to travel for many tourists and the frequent question is "How is traveling to Iran in summer?" How hot is Iran during summer and if it would be tolerable when you have to obey Iranian dress code too?

To help you out, we’ve put together our guide to the best places you can visit in summer, and how is visiting Iran classic route in summer.

Iran has vast landscapes, so we can see different climates throughout the region. If you like hiking, climbing, rafting, biking, rock climbing, and canyoneering, summer maybe is the best time to visit Iran.

Ainali, Tabriz, Iran in summer

And summer considers as a high season (best time to visit) for many parts of Iran like Northwest and west such as the western/northwestern provinces of Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Zanjan, Kermanshah, and the northern part of Khouzestan turns into the most desirable spots for any explorers to check out during the summer.

ainali, tabriz, Iran in summer

In Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province you will be overwhelmed by tons of waterfalls and springs and there are host to many tourists during summer.

Read an itinerary to this area here.

In the summertime, Nomads emigrate to slopes of The Zagros Mountains and there is a chance of meeting them in Chaharmahal- Bakhtiari and Fars province.

nomads of Iran, Iran in summer

North of Iran is a little humid during summer but resorts like Alimestan in the Mazandaran Province or Masal in Gilan become mainstream in summer. Stunning Masouleh village is one of the coldest cities in the North of Iran during summer.

Masal, Iran in summer

In the northwest, the cultural landscapes of Uramanat with its exceptional rural texture, architecture, lifestyle attracts thousands of enthusiasts, especially in the hot summer days.

Nature lovers choose Iran in summer without any doubt, but the most popular touristic route of Iran which recommends to Iran travelers on their first trip to Iran is the Classic route.

The Classic route of Iran includes visiting TehranKashanIsfahanYazd, and Shiraz. Most of these cities are located in the central parts of Iran and traveling to them would be a challenge during summer 

Iran classic route

We asked Monica who traveled to Iran with Iran's Travel services in July 2019 about how was her trip during summer. Monica is an Irish woman who lives in Bucharest.

Before getting through her experience let's talk about her itinerary the first. Monica had 14 days to visit Iran and she was enthusiastic to Iran's Cultural and religious sites, people and food.

10-day-trip is enough to visit just the Iran classic route and to balance her itinerary by nature activities and showing another side of Iran, we added visiting nature of Zayande Rud River (90 K.m. from Isfahan) and Hamedan province with its beautiful phenomena, Alisadr Cave.

zayanderud, Iran in summer

Although visiting the desert is not such recommended during summer, the desert is one of the most interesting parts for most tourists. So we added visiting Bafgh desert (120 K.m. far from Yazd) in the evening.

You can join our Bafgh desert tour here.

Now back to Monica and ask her how your Iran trip was during summer ?

I was a bit apprehensive about traveling to Iran in the height of the summer.  I am not a lover of hot weather, but July was the only time when I could get to go and I refused to let the weather get in the way.  I must say I was very surprised.  Whilst hot, it is a dry heat and therefor quite tolerable

 Back home in Bucharest it may have been several degrees cooler but it was unbearable because of the humidity.  Being in Iran was a relief after that.

Iran in summer

 The hottest I felt was wandering around by myself in the old centre of Yazd, but even then, the streets are designed to keep the worst of the sun off the people.  In the hottest areas, houses are semi-underground, which makes them delightfully and naturally cool. 

I dislike the artificial cool of air-conditioning and though every hotel I stayed at had this, I was able to sleep very well without switching it on.

Summer has advantages too.  Hand washing clothes dry by the following morning and it was nice to keep on top of the laundry.  The light is fantastic and nearly every photograph I took looked professional. 

Iran in summer

 The fresh food is wonderful and there are plenty of stalls selling excellent chilled fruit juices, made to order.  Personally find hot black tea the most refreshing thing to drink in the heat, and I discovered that Iranian tea is excellent and there are samovars everywhere!

Also, not to be missed are the yogurt-based drink, doogh and Iranian ice cream which is delicately flavored with saffron and deliciously creamy.

Iran in summer, Art coffee

The dress code also proved a blessing.  I can assure you that having a good cotton headscarf is actually cooler than being without and the same goes for long sleeves and full length clothes.  Perhaps my only disappointment was not buying a beautiful Iranian manteau, they are so stylish, but sadly too warm for the summer.

Like most hot places Iran comes alive in the cool of the evening.  Families flock to the parks for picnics and I have great memories of the Ali ebne hamze Holy Shrine and the Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz.  Visiting these places in the evening, it was a joy to see local people relaxing, praying and being themselves.  I was made to feel very welcome everywhere

Sunset in Isfahan on the river bridges listening to the young men sing was something I never wanted to end, sunset in the desert dunes at Bafgh desert was also particularly stunning and watching the sunset from one of the rooftop cafes in Yazd is also not to be missed.

Isfahan bridges

In conclusion, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be in the summer!

I can add that visiting in Iran during summer has some advantages too:

  •  Hotels offer a discount for summer reservations and it makes the total price of the tour much reasonable for everybody.
  •  The length of the day is longer during summer, so you can rest at noon and start the adventure again in the afternoon and even enjoy the nightlife of the cities.
  • You won't spend lots of time to buy ticket, since they aren't that crowded during summer.

Among all positive issues about traveling to Iran during summer, I think it is obvious that a trip to central deserts of Iran (Dashte Kavir, Dashte loot, Kalouts, ….) and the drylands near the Persian Gulf and South Islands like Kish, Qeshm, Hormoz, is not recommended in summer at all.

You can read Monica's feedback about her Iran tour with Iran's Travel on YouTube and Trip advisor too.