The Water Museum of Yazd

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Yazd Water Museum is a manifestation of the value and importance of water in desert cities of Iran. 

In some documentation, Yazd is called as the city of Qanats. Qanats (Kazriz) are underground water supplement systems that were listed by UNESCO in 2016 as a World Heritage Site. The Qanats provide exceptional confirmation to cultural traditions and civilizations in desert areas with arid climates.

When you visit Yazd, one attraction that you shouldn't miss is the complex of the Water Museum.

The importance of water in desert cities

There are some pieces of evidence which show that water was considered as a gold standard in the desert.

Grooms used to buy water for several hours due to their financial compliance and at the beginning of their marriage they gave it to their wife as a gift.

The water museum is an interesting place to flaunt human art of desert cities to the world, how they diligently pulled the water out of the ground kept it and used it.

The location of the water museum

 The Water Museum is located in the middle of the historical city of Yazd, and on the north of Amirchakhmaq square.

What expect to visit in water museum of Yazd

This Museum displays tools, techniques, instruments that Iranian has used the past thousands of years to create underground waterways (called Qanats) and connecting them and lead them to the city for agricultural and other uses. There is also shown a variety of water objects from Qanat to water ownership documents and also some documents of water distribution clock among agriculture lands.

Equipment which was used for excavation of qanat or a set of containers related to the storage or transportation of water and even some documents which show that distribution of water to the formers with different scales.

A lot of these systems are still functioning today although the level of underground water decreased and many of them have been dried.

History of the water museum building

This museum is set up in 2000 in one of the old houses of Yazd, which is called Kolahdouzha house. The Kolahdouzha house was built in 1929 by the recommendation of Seyyed Ali Akbar Kolahdouz on 5 floors.

This house was chosen as the Water museum because there is a very old Qanat located in the middle of the Kolahduzha house.

   The first floor, the intersection of Qanats

The first floor of the water museum, which is on the lowest level of the house, is the crossing point of Rahim Abad qanat and Zarch qanats. The 2000-year-old qanat of Zarch considers as the longest one in the world. Zarch Qanat starts its journey from the village of Fahraj and after watering several villages and passing under famous monuments like Amirchakhmaq square and Jame Mosque of Yazd continues till Zarch a village near Yazd.

   The second floor, place to storage food

The second floor of the water museum has been storage for keeping foods and was called Payab or Sardab.

An Octagonal with a depth of 10 meters, that there is a water pool in the middle of it which holds the ambient temperature at 14-degree centigrade without any facilities.

   The third floor, the summer residence

The third floor of this building was the accommodation for its inhabitants in the summer. It is full of rooms and hills with cool and pleasant weather because of its basement.

This floor is located on 4 sides of the yard.

   The fourth floor, the family residence

After the summer residence, we reach the 4th floor of the house which is called the ground floor today.

There is a beautiful yard with a pool and garden which is surrounded by some rooms such as hall, 5 dari, a sash, and a kitchen.

   The fifth floor, the well house

The fifth floor of the water museum, the roof of the building was also called the well house. Through this floor, they drilled water through a water wheel and they pumped the water into the water source which was placed on the roof and used it for drinking and household hygiene.

Architecture highlights

There are some points in the architecture of this house as water museum that is attractive for visitors, including the hall of mirrors, plaster works on the background of that with the pattern of the floral plant and animals on the 4th floor of the house and also sash windows with colorful glasses.

The remarkable thing is that in this house you can also see water pipes that were made about 150 years ago.


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