Lariha house in Yazd

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In the reconciliation alleys of Yazd city, some houses with a lush smell and the color of the desert have grown. If you travel to this city and ask a person, who is from Yazd, where to visit here?

After Amirchaghmagh (Amirchakhmagh) square, Dolatabad and Jame mosque the next one will probably be the Lariha house.

A home with a wind catcher as beautiful as others in the city and the yard is full of trees just like other mansions. The area of the house is 1700 meters and its substructure is about 1200 meters.

The architecture of this historical house follows the principles of Iranian architecture. This house has two yards and also there are some parts in each yard that introduce the histology of Yazd city to us.

The Lariha house has interior and exterior parts with a yard in the middle and a beautiful pool at the center of the Yard.

In desert cities near the sunset, the weather is in its best fabulous time, so families put a large wooden couch in the Yard to spend that time in the yard and absorb the freshness of the weather and flowers waft in the best way, this part of the yard is called "Goroub Neshin", the place to sit in the sunset.

The main thing that grabs the attention in this yard is a large porch that reaches to the taller wind catcher of the house. There is another wind catcher that makes the interior part of the house cool.

The four side rooms on the yard are designed for four different seasons of the year. The northern side is for the cold seasons and the southern parts which have a hall, and the windcatcher is specialized for the warm seasons. The kitchen and the Sardab are located in the eastern part of the mirrored rooms, which are suitable for the fall season and the spring sleeping room is on the west side.

The most beautiful sceneries of the Lariha house, which gave it a magnificent beauty, are mirrors, plastering, paintings, and course, colorful glasses for the doors and windows of rooms.

We move toward the Qanat of this house, going down the thirty-eight stairs and it is said that its previous old Qanat doesn't exist now.

On the unique roof of this city, you can find a beautiful view of this city and the blue of the sky is vast and glorious there.


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