The Dolatabad Garden of Yazd

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Undoubtedly, one of the wonders of Yazd city is the Dowlat Abad garden (Dolatabad garden). Dowlat Abad garden is one of the oldest Iranian gardens with a global reputation; It is over 260 years old. The garden covers an area about 7 hectares, including many buildings, pods, and fountains.

It is considered as a residential-governmental mansion. Dowlat Abad garden of Yazd was built at the end of the Afshariyeh era in the year 1160 AH, by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi, who was known as the great khan (Boss) and also the head of clans of Khans in Yazd.

In the beginning, he built a 65 km long Qanat that brought water from Mehriz to Yazd and the current location of Dowlat Abad garden, and then built the complex (Darol hokumah)

The beauty of the cedar, pine trees and also rose bushes, along with decorative lanterns that symmetrically surround the pool of this garden and also next to the world's tallest wind catcher with 33 meters height, amazes every viewer. This tall windcatcher is grown at the end of the garden path to the middle of the blue sky. This windcatcher is located on the opposite side of the main fountain, the pool in front of the fountain is proportional to the height of the windcatcher on the way that if a person is standing at the end of the garden can see the entire wind catcher inside this long pool.

The unique structure of the garden put it in the list of Iranian gardens in UNESCO sites among the other eight Iranian gardens.

This garden is divided into two parts: the interior and the outer, the most important part of this garden is the porch mansion, which is located at the bottom  of the main axis of the garden and stuck to the southern wall of the building.

In the building, wind and water combine in the pools, and the cool air is transmitted from the windcatcher to the alcove and halls because of the cool air which is transmitted to the building.

This building is also called the summer building the porch mansion is actually the main palace of the garden and is famous for its high windcatcher. The mansion has three large rooms and a basement in its middle and a hall, a chamber, and a terrace exist on the upper floor.

"Ethic Paradise" or the winter building was a family's winter residence in the garden and has been exposure to the south glow.

There are also other parts such as a dormitory, kitchen, the summer and the winter stalls, a place for carriage, a watchtower, and also a cistern the inner part.

The water element has been exhibited in the architecture of the Dowlat Abad garden more than any other Iranian gardens, and it also runs through all the levels this magnificent show of water demonstrates the creativity of  the mind of architects which isn't only sufficient for the flow of water in the lower layers of the earth and watering the trees but also has brought it to the surface of the earth in order to water the soul of the inhabitants of the desert.



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