Jame Mosque of Yazd and its wonders

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Jame mosque of Yazd is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture in the heart of the historical district of Yazd. Visiting Jame mosque of Yazd never been skipped from Yazd tours not just because of its mesmerizing beauty but also because of its fantastic location.

 Being in the middle of the old district of Yazd, being close to every historical monument, being visible from every rooftop of surrounded Yazd hotels and Yazd café gave a unique position to the Jame Mosque of Yazd.  

It is natural to think the Jame mosque of Yazd is a gem that is surrounded by the historical district of Yazd.

jame mosque of yazd

1- Geographical location and access route

Jame Mosque of Yazd is located on the west side of Imam Khomeini Street. Chahar sough Bazaar and the Royal Bazaar of Yazd, among other historical monuments of the eighth century AH, are located at the end of Masjed Jame Street and on its southeastern side. The end of the three old bazaars of Yazd is connected to Chaharsooq. One of these bazaars ends at the Jame Mosque, which connects the other two bazaars to the Jewish Alley and the Dar al-Shifa neighborhood, providing visitors with an ancient and amazing collection.

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2- History of the building of Jame mosque of Yazd

The current Yazd Jame Mosque was built over a hundred years, and in fact, it is a combination of three old mosques in different historical eras.

It is said that there was a fire temple during the Sasanian era that is changed to the mosque as many other fire temples in Iran. And then each part of this historical monument has been built and restored over time in credit to several founders. And finally, Yazd Jame Mosque became modern in the Qajar era.

jame mosque yazd

3- The architecture of Jame mosque of Yazd

This square-shaped mosque was built inspired by the Kaaba, the most important holly symbols of Muslims located in Meca.

The structure of the mosque consists of a high porch, two naves, two hothouses located on the east and west sides of the naves, a dome, two pedestals and a large rectangular courtyard that shows the architecture and design of the beautiful construction of ancient Iran. There are six entrances to enter this large mosque, each of which is located in different parts of the mosque.

The altar, which is located in Gonbadkhaneh (the room that is located under the dome) and is actually considered as the main altar, is decorated with inscriptions, percussion bricks and mosaic tiles, and shows the manifestation of Iranian art.

Water is the symbol of purity and lightness and it can't be separated from the Jame mosque of Yazd as well. And two Qanats exist in Jame mosque, the Zarch Qanat which is still flowing and Mahmoud Abad Qanat that has been dried many years ago.

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4- The Lighting System of Jame mosque of Yazd

One of the amazing attributes of the Jame Mosque of Yazd is that the lighting system of is obtained indirectly by the reflection of light from the white plaster of the dome and the walls.

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5- Tilework of Jame mosque of Yazd

The entrance tiles of the courtyard of this mosque, which is made with mosaic tile technique, are one of the most famous examples of tile work in Iran. A special role that has even come to the souvenirs markets. The mosque's round mosaic tile is so famous and every visitor takes a photo with it as a memorial.

In every corner of the mosque, blue and azure tiles have been used, which in combination with various inscriptions in Kufic and Thuluth script and have created unique examples of decorations in Islamic architecture. The most important inscriptions of the mosque are two inscriptions on the entrance of the mosque on which the names of Shahrokh Teymouri and Sultan Jahan Shah are written.

jame mosque tile work

The dome of the mosque, whose beauty dazzles the eyes of every viewer, consists of two connected shells, with a beautiful design of a Cow- herb flower, with ornate stems decorated with the word Al-Mulkullah, repeated in Kufic script. He has mastered the architectural works of the world. Definitely, the dome, the porch, and the surrounding areas can be considered one of the most beautiful parts of the Yazd Jame Mosque.

The historical pattern in monuments and historical sites and even antiquities have always been a source for logo design. The municipal logo of the historical city of Yazd is modeled on one of the tiles of the altar of the city's Jame Mosque. This lesser-seen role is located at the top of the altar of the Jame Mosque of Yazd, and the exact same design has been used for the logo of the Yazd Municipality.

6- The highest minarets in the world

Yazd Jame Mosque is known for having the tallest minarets in the world, the height of the minarets is more than 52 meters and its diameter is equal to eight meters.

It is interesting to know that the minarets of the mosque were destroyed many times, the most important of which was in 1313 AH. After that, these minarets were rebuilt with better quality. One of the best features of the minarets of the Yazd Jame Mosque is their location. As you know, minarets are generally located in the main building of the mosque, a short distance from the dome. Meanwhile, the minarets of the Yazd Jame Mosque were built on the entrance of the mosque.

These two minarets are different from each other. The minaret on the right has two independent spiral staircases. The shape of these stairs is similar to strands of DNA.

The height of these minarets and their unique tiling is surprising even at the height of the minarets, where the minarets have become narrower.

jame mosque minarates

7- The story behind the minarets of Yazd Jame Mosque

There is a story behind the different architecture of the minarets. Locals say one day a master and a disciple started to build the minarets, each minaret were supposed to be built by one of them and at last they would compare the results without monitoring each other's work. When the construction of the minarets is completed, both minarets have been built perfectly; But the minaret built by the disciple, the same minaret on the right, has a two-way staircase, one to go up and the other to come down while the master's minaret had only a one-way staircase; so the master got upset about this and threw himself down from the minaret.

8- The monuments you can visit near Jame mosque of Yazd

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9- Where to eat and drink near Jameh Mosque of Yazd?

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10- Where to stay near Jameh Mosque of Yazd?

Hotels: Fazeli Hotel, Labe Khandagh Hotel

Hostels and Guesthouses: Alibaba Hotel, Silkroad Hotel, Orient Hotel, Dalanebehesht, Delkhash guesthouse, Yazd Friendly Hotel

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