Amirchakhmagh complex the landmark of Yazd

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Amirchakhmagh/ Amirchaghmagh/ Amirchakhmaq complex of Yazd is considered as a landmark for Yazd, located in the center of the old district of Yazd as one of the most important places when you have a tour to Yazd.

History of Amirchakhmaq complex

Amirchakhmaq complex is a monument from the 9th century AH and from the Teimurian era. This square was built by Amir-Jalalodin-Chaghmagh- Shami and in cooperation with his wife Seti Fatimah.

Amirchakhmaq complex consists of Takeyeh, square, Public bath, Caravanserai, Monasteries Qanat, Water reservoir for the development of Yazd city. There is also a mosque that is called the new Jame mosque.

Old Bazaar of Amirchakhmaq complex

On the eastern side of Amirchakhmagh square, there is a bazaar which is called Haji Ghanbar bazaar. Nowadays, the northern part of the bazaar is economically boomer than other parts. On the portal of this bazaar, there is a tall building was built in the common structure of Takeyeh in Yazd.

The oldest Nakhl in the world 

The building is part of a Husseiniyeh which was built in the 13th century AH. Another spectacular part of Amirchakhmagh square is a huge Nakhl. The history of this Nakhl goes back to 450 years ago (Safavid era) and some people believe that it is the oldest Nakhl in the world.

Nakhl is a coffin-like wooden room to the mourning grounds that is passed through a huge crowd of black-dressed people during Muharram.


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Amirchakhmaq mosque of Yazd, New Jame mosque

Amirchakhmaq mosque of Yazd was completed by Seti Fatimah in the year 841 AH. In Amirchakhmaq mosque the fine network of mosaic tiles around the dome made clerestory alter of The mosque very beautiful.

On both sides of the northern corridor, fine networks of mosaic tiles are assembled on the windows. Part of the clerestory portal is made by mosaic tile and its gaps are filled by bricks. Its main clerestory alter is made of mosaic tiles and in the middle of it, there is a very good marble stone. 

The Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh 

The water reservoir of Seti Fatimeh with five wind catchers is given a beautiful view to the Amirchakhmagh square. And few steps over there, you can see the tomb of Seti Fatimeh as well.

In the last decades, with the conversion of the water reservoir into Zurkhaneh (Iranian traditional sports club), this building has found a new application and a new name, Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh. Tourists can visit the Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh in the afternoon. Your guide will check the time for you during your Yazd tour to be there on time.


Tekeyeh of Amirchakhmaq complex

Amirchakhmaq Tekeyeh had no minaret until a few years before the constitution and these enormous minarets were built and added to the building in the latest decades of Qajar Era.

Buy a souvenir in Amirchakhmaq mosque 

There are shops on both sides of Amirchakhmaq Square that have become a place to buy Yazd handicrafts. In addition to various Termeh shops (Termeh is a fabric that is woven from silk that is used to make tablecloths, clothes, shoes, etc.) at the corner of Amir Chakhmaq Square, you can see the most famous pastry shops of Yazd, Haj Khalifa Ali Rahbar.

Where to eat near Amir Chakhmagh square?

Sito pizza, Chaghmagh café, Green moon, Vozare Parsian, Arabi café, Veniz Café, Khane Dohad restaurant

Where to stay near Amir Chakhmaq square?

Traditional Hotels: Yazd traditional hotelVali hotelMalek-Altojar hotel, Mehr hotelKhane Dohad hotel

Traditional Hostels and eco-lodges: Backpack hostel, Narenjestan hostel, Royaye ghadim hostel, Kheshto khatere eco-lodge, Soroush hostel.


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