The Alexander prison of Yazd

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The Alexander Prison of Yazd

The Alexander Prison of Yazd is one of the most famous attractions of Yazd.

Like most of the Yazd historical attractions, is located in Fahdan neighborhood, and with its beautiful and wonderful architecture and delicate art in its various parts, it attracts the attention of every viewer during their Yazd tour.

As it is clear from the name of the building, its construction dates back to the time of Alexander the Great and documents and signs from 631 AH can be seen in it.

The 8-century-old building, which is still standing firmly in the heart of the desert, is not something to be underestimated, and it made the Alexander Prison well-known among archaeologists around the world.

Ziyaeiyeh School

The building was built by Zia-ud-Din Hussein Razi and was made fully available by his sons after 74 years. Unlike the early years when the building was built and used to imprison Alexander the Great's exiles, it eventually became a very important school, and for eight centuries prominent people studied and taught there. So this building also called the Ziyaeiyeh School of Yazd.

Different parts of Alexander Prison

Among the reasons that made Alexander Prison of Yazd very famous is the type of architecture and the glory and grandeur that can be seen in its different parts. In addition to the entrances and doors and walls that have preserved history and art, this old building has important parts which are:

The dome of the Alexander Prison

Most of the Iranian and Islamic historical monuments have a dome, and their builders and artists had a special elegance and sensitivity in creating the engraving on it. The dome of the Alexander Prison, like other parts of it, is made of clay, and contrary to its current appearance, which has golden and azure colors, it was quite simple in the early years and there were no signs of tiling and paint on the dome.  This dome is about 18 meters high and has placed simplicity and beauty in the best possible way.

Shabestan (seraglio) of the Alexander Prison

Like all mosques and religious places that you visit in Iran, the Alexander Prison had a large nave where the altar in this section and the large and small porches in different parts of the building were each designed and created with a special and completely intelligent architecture.

The windcatcher of the Alexander Prison

Yazd is known as the city of wind catchers. The weather conditions of desert cities like Yazd and increasing the temperatures in the summer lead to making the wind catchers alongside most buildings of Yazd. They worked as air conditioners to make the building cool. Next to the Alexander Prison building, there is a room called the windcatcher room.

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The museum in the Alexander Prison

Although any part of this building can be considered as a unique museum, there is a collection of old tablets and tombstones in this collection that museum lovers will gain a lot of experience by visiting it during their Yazd tour.

The well in the yard of the Alexander prison

There are some possibilities about the well in the yard of Ziyaeiyeh School, which expresses the famous black hole of the Alexander prison for the exiled prisoner of Alexander the Great's time. But in fact, this pit was created due to the collapse of the foothills in the courtyard of that building, which has caused such perceptions among the people. Another thing that can be mentioned about the architecture of this huge historical building is its repair and restoration.

Where to visit near the Alexander Prison

The Lariha house

Among the old and historical mansions of Yazd, Lariha house (Lari's house) is very popular with its magnificent doors and walls during the Qajar era. This house has now become one of the famous museums called the Museum of Documents in Yazd.

Heidarzadeh Coin and Anthropology Museum

Unlike many museums you must have seen during your trip to Iran, the expenses of the Museum of Coins and Anthropology were donated by the lovers of this field, not by the government. By walking into this museum, you will have the opportunity to visit a collection of old coins and antiques.

Arabzadeh house

Another mansion of the Qajar era in Yazd with noticeable architecture is the Arabzadeh house, the art used in its hall and rooms have given a special glory and grandeur to the Arabzadeh house. This house has shared the building with the Heydarzadeh Museum. In other words, by visiting the Arabzadeh house, you can also visit the Heydarzadeh Coin Museum. This house was built in the Fahdan area and a short distance from Ziyaeiyeh school.

Where to eat or drink near the Alexander Prison

Due to the very important location of this area in the center of many historical buildings and attractions in Yazd, various traditional restaurants are located near Ziaeyieh School to rest when you visit attractions in your Yazd tour.

Abolmaali Traditional Restaurant, Termeh and Toranj Restaurant, Yazd Art house, Friend's house, Painting gallery are some nice places that you can rest near the Ziaeyieh school.

Where to stay near the Alexander Prison

Since Alexander Prison is located in the historical part of Yazd, it is a hub to accommodate the Yazd tourists. So you can find many accommodations base on your interests during your Yazd tour.

The traditional Fahdan Hotel, Kourosh traditional Hotel in Yazd, the Sharbaaf Hotel, Noghreh eco loge, Pars Traditional hotel