Bafgh desert, a unique desert near Yazd

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Iran deserts are one of the main attractions when you think about traveling to Iran. Iran is home to many beautiful deserts and there are countless deserts around the central cities of Iran like Yazd, some of which are easy to access because they are next to Yazd and they are in good condition in terms of welfare services such as Shabahang Camp, Baran Camp and ...

But to visit something more unique yet untouched and of course not too far from Yazd, go away about 120 km from Yazd to reach the beautiful and relaxing desert of Karakal or Sadegh Abad desert in Bafgh one of the cities of Yazd province.

bafgh desert or Karakal desert

1. What can you visit in Bafgh city?

Bafgh city is one of the beautiful cities of the vast province of Yazd, which has many historical and natural attractions which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Jame Mosque of Bafgh

This mosque has a unique design and is built in two parts, summer, and winter, so that it can be used in all seasons.

In its summer part, like many other ancient monuments of Yazd province, large wind catchers can be seen, which is very similar to the style of Jame Mosque of Yazd and is built in two rows with strong foundations.

On the roof of this structure, there are wooden beams that were used in the past to go up the windcatcher to repair it, and today the birds made nests there. In the front part of this building, tiles from The Qajar period can be seen.

  • Historical plantain of Bajgan village

100 km southeast of Bafgh and look for a big tree with a height of 34 meters, you'll face this well-known attraction as one of the oldest trees you can visit in Iran.

This ancient tree is located in the Bajgan region and is almost a thousand years old.

  • Vahshi-e Bafghi House

 Kamal al-Din or Shams al-Din Mohammad Vahshi Bafghi is one of the most prominent and well-known poets of Iran who was born in 939 AH in Bafgh, Yazd. Over the years, the house of this famous poet has been renovated and well maintained. In this house, in addition to beautiful architecture, historical tools and utensils can also be seen.


  • BagherAbad castle- Ariz Eco lodge

The BagherAbad castle of Bafgh is built of clay and mud materials and since it was used as a military castle, it has the appropriate equipment and facilities for defense affairs, including the north tower of the castle with a height of 8 meters and 2 floors, along with 3 stone-throwers and 140 shooters.

Recently this castle has changed the usage as an eco-lodge for whom who devoted to staying in particular accommodations.

bagherabad castle, Ariz ecolodge

  • Bafgh palm groves

Although many people think that the grove only grows the south of the country, but this region of Iran is also a good place for growing dates and its towering trees in the heart of the beautiful Bafgh desert and starry sky makes the Yazd desert tour even more enjoyable.

  • The Tito Garden House

The Tito Garden House building is located in Bafgh city. This garden has an area of about one thousand square meters, with a beautiful architectural style and is built of clay and mud. The garden building, measuring 17 x 17, is located in the middle of a garden with grapes, pomegranates, and palm trees, and includes a khanate, a janitor's room, a hall, a windcatcher, and a porch. In the recent past, the 13-meter windcatcher of this building has been responsible for cooling and ventilating the indoor air of the house.

This beautiful and lush garden in the heart of the Bafgh desert is very spectacular, and the reason for its freshness and greenery is the constant flow of water from the Yousef Shahi qanat, which has kept it away from the common plague of drought.

  • Karakal or Sadegh Abad desert

With its unique palm groves and beautiful handicrafts, Bafgh city attracts the eyes of every viewer, but what distinguishes Bafgh as a mesmerizing attraction in Iran from other cities is its fascinating deserts that will make an unforgettable memory for every visitor during their Yazd tour.

2. Why the desert of Sadegh Abad Bafgh region is called Karakal desert?

Karakal is originally the name of a cat species. This type of cat has been lived in abundance in the Karakal Desert for a long time, which is why it is known as the Karakal Desert.

To reach the Karakal desert from Yazd, you must take the desert road from Yazd to Bafgh, which is about 120 km. In the middle of Bafgh City Boulevard, you have to turn left and walk about 15 km to reach the village of Sadeghabad, where the Karakal desert is located. On the way to the Korakal desert, you can see the remains of an old castle that is rebuilt. There are also large groves in the area that are worth visiting along with countless pomegranate and pistachio trees.

Karakal desert in Yazd, like other Iranian tourist deserts, has a good environment for special entertainments; there are beautiful palm groves and sand dunes that you can watch. Spending the night in the desert and observe the starry sky and enjoying a tea that is made on coal, including good night desert pleasures, can be experienced in this area.

Karakal desert in Yazd also has attractive wildlife that provides tourists with the opportunity to visit desert birds and animals.

Desert entertainment such as camel riding, safari, and motorcycle riding, which are common in many Iranian deserts such as the Mesr desert, can also be done with prior coordination in the Karakal desert in Bafgh.

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camel riding, bafgh desert

Where to stay in the Bafgh desert?

Nikan hotel of Bafgh

A 4-star hotel, which is located in the heart of Bafgh city of Yazd, is the most luxurious hotel among Bafgh hotels and one of the top ones in Yazd in general.

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Although the special mood of staying in the desert wouldn't gain by staying in a 4* modern hotel, But it is a good option if you don't want to get too far from the desert and stay in a comfortable classy place at the same time.

Shahid Barzegari Camp

When you come to visit Karakal desert of Bafgh, you'll enter to Shahid Barzegari Camp. You can have camel riding and other entertainment with prior coordination there.

But to stay the night there or not is a different question. The accommodation facilities are simple and even basic and you have to bring something to eat for the night and next morning with you.

Ariz castle eco-lodge

As we mentioned this castle before, this castle is renovated recently. The reason for preserving traditional architecture and nostalgic sensory induction is that the main texture is not disturbed and the accommodation facilities are simple. The roof of this residence has a good view of the surrounding palm groves and it is a good place to observe the starry sky of the desert.

bagherabad castel, ariz eco lodge

2. Important points when you have a desert tour

·        Distance in the desert is usually very deceptive, try not to get too far from the group.

·        If you are traveling alone or in a small group, one of the most important things to do when traveling to the desert is to tell your location, departure time, and time of return to trusted people.

·        Walking in the desert and even in all kinds of nature activities in general, you should try to walk slowly like the elderly.

·        Have a scarf with you to protect your eyes and mouth from the sand's flowing.

·        If you're going to trekking for a long time have a bottle of water with you.


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