Will the Iranian Presidential Election result effect on Iran tourism

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Presidential election is scheduled to be held in Iran on 19 May 2017.

As everybody knows Iran tourism had significant progress in these years, especially after international agreement on the nuclear program of Iran reached in Vienna on 14 July 2015 between Iran, the P5+1 and the European Union.

The government of president Rouhani tried to attract more tourists these years; obtaining Iran visa got easier, more countries could get visa on arrival (VOA), they extend visa's duration.

Government supported to increase accommodations especially in touristic cities and amount of tourists who interested in visiting Iran is increased.

All tourists who visited Iran surprised that Iran was very different from their imaginations, they said Iran was one of the safest countries they have visited and countries concerns about Iran changed to trust and friendship.

Iran's rich culture and impressive background, four season climate and friendly peoples set Iran to one of the best destination of 2017.

So Iranian activism tourist industry are supporting president Rouhani and believe that he can set Iran tourism in place which deserves it.