Iran deserts

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Iran always surprise tourists by having mountains, rivers, lakes, and deserts in the same landscape. And Iran deserts attract millions of tourists every year.

A frequent question we are asked by tourists are "which desert I should choose to visit in Iran?"

Choosing between Iran deserts is really hard for locals. You know they are the same in many aspects but they are also unique and Incomparable.

Here we have a list of the most popular ones and brief details about each one;

1.      Mesr desert in Khur and Biabanak

Mesr Desert is a village in Isfahan province and it is 45 K.m from "Jandagh/ Jandaq"- a city in Isfahan Province. This village has a population of 120 people and because of its spectacular desert landscapes; it hosts many tourists every year. Read More

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Mesr desert

2.      Maranjab Desert in Kashan.

Maranjab Desert is located in the north of Aran and Bidgol city in Isfahan Province. It leads from the north to Aran and Bidgol salt lake, from the east to Band Rig desert and desert national park, from the west to Masileh desert and the salt lakes of Houz Soltan and Houzeh Marah and finally to Aran and Bidgol city from the south. Read more 


3.      Varzaneh Desert in Isfahan.

Varzaneh Desert is located 100 km east of Isfahan and 150 km west of Yazd and many city tours between Yazd and Isfahan cover visiting this beautiful desert. Varzaneh desert reaches Gavkhoni wetland from the east, Varzaneh and Zayandeh rud cities from the north. Going to this desert, you will see a vast area that is covered with sand, clean and smooth sands and sand dunes.

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Varzaneh Desert

4.      Bafgh Desert in Yazd.

Bafgh is a desert city in Yazd province, which is located 110 km southeast of Yazd city. Being just 1:30 hour far from Yazd and its easy access, this desert has one of the most popular desert tours. Visiting Bagh desert covers the time constraints of foreign tourists and provides a unique experience for them by allocating just a half day. Read more

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Bafgh desert

5.      Kalouts in Kerman

In an area of 80 by 145 kilometers west of the Lut Desert, the Kalouts stood like tall walls. Kalouts are some rock bumps formed by wind and water during thousands of years.

It is about 100 km from Shahdad to Kerman and 40 km from the legendary city of Kalouts. This area is known among geologists as one of the Earth's thermal poles. Read more.


Shahdad Kalouts

After introducing these deserts, in the choosing process we ask you to determine your trip conditions:

·        Do you want to sleep in the desert or not?

·        Are you interested in sand dunes or cliffs?

·        Which cities you will stay more (Kashan, Yazd, Kerman, Isfahan, …)?

By putting this information all together you can make a decision about which desert matches more with your itinerary and interests and it would be easier to choose among them.

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