Inauguration of President Rouhani

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 President Hassan Rouhani promised that in his second term, Iran will pursue a path of coexistence and interaction with the world. His second swearing-in was a more high-profile event than his first, as over 700 Iranian guests and 500 foreign dignitaries representing some 100 countries and international organizations attended the ceremony.

Rouhani was speaking on Saturday evening in parliament of Iran, Tehran, after taking the oath of office for another four years as chief executive.

"Promoting constructive interaction with the world, deepening bonds with neighboring and regional countries, and developing cooperation with friendly states are not only an informed choice but also a necessity to improve international peace and security," he said.

"Overcoming dangerous threats and complicated developments in the current state of flux is not possible, except through increased contacts and interaction and establishment of dialogue with governments and nations."

Earlier on Saturday, Rouhani discussed bilateral relations with EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini.