Why your next destination should be Iran

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Iran's rich cultural history:

In Iran, you can visit the places which describe human civilization from a hundred years before Christ's birth. There are over one million ancient monuments and over 200,000 historical sites across this country. 

Iran has 19 cultural sites and in Heritage List is located on the 9th place.


Friendly nature of Iranians:  

The opinion of numerous Iranian travelers were that Iranian people are very friendly, respectful, warm, formal, well educated. Iranians are very hospitable. They do everything just to help you and make you happy in their country.


Iran is really safe:

Iranian people are very respectful about religion and moral values so Iran is very safe country. Whether you travel alone or in a group, whether you are a woman or a man, or whether you arrive day or night time, you can trust the people and the country. 


Iran is less expensive as compared to other countries:

Money devaluation in Iran has to lead to the country is very affordable in concerning tours. In this country, you can get the most valuable things like beautiful handicrafts, delicious foods and amazing hotels by spending less money.


Iranian transportation facilities:

Traveling around Iran is very easy and safe because in every city you can find at least one of the transportation facilities: Airway, railroad and bus station.


Iran is a four-season landscape:

Have you ever seen the rain, snow, sunshine at the same time anywhere? In Iran, you can see.

Iran has a very vast landscape that is bordered with the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman in the south, so the north is rainy most the time and the south is warm and humid. 

In the center of Iran there is a vast desert land with direct sunlight and hot and dry weather.

Big Mountains in the west and north make a very cold and snowy area in Iran with beautiful green nature.

So in every season you can find marvelous attractions in Iran.


Iranian Delicious Food:

Iranian cuisine has different varieties like rice, vegetables, meat and so on, and balanced with Iranian condiment like saffron so that they are matched with several tastes. Iranian food appearances are very appealing and many people believe that Iranian foods are the most delicious ones.



Iranian Handicraft:

Iran has a proverb that says: "The art is just with Iranians", at first you may think it is a selfish meaningless sentence but when you see all that amazing handmade arts in the turquoise-tiled domes and minarets, mud-brick alleys, marvelous carpet, and Kilims, Khatam woodcraft, Mina metal paints and so on you can believe in Iranian Art.

Maybe you want to have one of that beautiful handicrafts as a souvenir or memento, so try it.

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