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Eleni & Ilias, Greece ...


 We visited Iran at August 2016 for 16 days and it's fair to say that our journey has been incredible and unforgettable. Our itinerary was a round trip from/to Tehran and included staying overnight at Tehran – Abyaneh – Mesr – Yazd – Kerman – Shiraz – Isfahan – Hamedan and visiting nearby attractions.

 Iran is a rather attractive country for a traveler and we highly enjoyed the combination of sights which included unique Islamic architecture such as the Jameh mosque of Isfahan, splendid mud castles such as Narin in Meybod and incredible archeological sites with the highlight of them being Persepolis.

 Our description so far may sound trivial and we guess that you may think that our trip was just another ordinary trip like the ones advertised by a lot of Iranian agencies.

 It is our belief that Iranian Safar travel agency who organized our trip did its best for our trip not to be ordinary. Thanks to their suggestion not only did we visit all the standard highlights but we also included a desert experience with camel riding and climbing at sand dunes at Mesr, visiting Kazerun with its off the beaten track archeological site of Bishapur, exploring the amazing Sar-Yazd fortress and last but not least visiting Alisadr cave one of the rare samples of boatable watercaves in the world.

 Moreover, the implementation of our trip by the driver assigned to us contributed to our unique experience. Not only was he highly professional but he also made his best for us to get to know the Iranian culture and people’s spirit. We highly recommend Iranian Safar travel agency ( to any traveler who is seeking for an unforgettable Iranian travel experience.

Ilias and Eleni from Athens, Greece.