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The holiday of a lifetime

With two weeks to spare in the Summer I wanted an organised solo tour of the best of Iran.

Azimeh and the team at Iran's Travel were brilliant. I had an excellent driver and an English speaking guide who was good fun and very enthusiastic about her work.

I was very appreciative of the fact she loved food and architecture, I have lovely memories of somewhat obscure examples of both.

Getting to Iran (on an Irish passport) was easy and I was able to pick up the Iran visa at the Iranian Embassy in Bucharest where I live in no time at all.

Iran is a stunning country and the people are lovely, relaxed, warm hearted and a joy to be with. Everything went smoothly with excellent hotels, I had only asked for 3 stars, but they felt like much more.

Iran is extremely good value for money and if you can stuff your case full of Euros there is much that is worth buying. There are not many places left in the world with such quality, local made handicrafts. There are simply no negatives to report about the holiday.

I don't normally go on an organised tour, but I am glad I made the exception for Iran. Azimeh was able to fit in many of the well-known sites as well as giving me time to relax in the beautiful countryside.

It is a safe country for single female travellers, people are curious but welcoming and I had enough time to explore things by myself too (though this is not so easy for British and USA passport holders).

If you are thinking of visiting Iran, please go, you won't be disappointed.