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 I came to Iran without any expectation and I come back with great experience. Iran is super safe to be no matter what the media says about this country.

As a female solo travel here for nearly 2 weeks I could attest to that. But to have an amazing experience you gotta do it with Irans Travel.

Azimeh did a great itinerary for me.She was easy to deal with. She even accomodate my request for cooking class. Upon arrival in the airport I was greeted by Reza. And that is the beginning of my great adventure in land of Persia.

From Tehran to Kashan and then Yazd to Shiraz and lastly Isfahan I was stuck with Reza for the whole trip or as I always joke with him, He stuck with me. Anyway Reza was a great guide and very accomodating especially my daily ice cream dose.

He also brought me to places which is not in the itinerary which I really appreciate and enjoyed a lot. Not to mention he is an excellent photographer too. My friends in awe of the photos taken by him.

When i was in Yazd, Azimeh came down to visit me and she gave me a gift. Thank you Azimeh for the gift and the chat we had. I trully appreciate it.

This small little things done by Reza and Azimeh made my trip memorable.

I truly recommend this company and if I come back again next time, I surely will use their services again.


Ps: my favourite city in Iran is Yazd. It is very charming city.