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Best Iran tour package for one month. Itinerary: Tehran, Ahvaz, Susa, Sushtar, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Takab, Tabriz, Zanjan, Qazvin, Ramsar, Sari, Mashhad, Tehran.

1st Day:  Arrival in Tehran. 

Arriving in Tehran Airport (IKA). You are welcomed and assisted by our representative and will be transferred to your hotel O/N Tehran.


2nd Day: Tehran. 

Full day visiting Iranian Capital including:

Archaeological & Islamic Art Museums.

Golestan Palace.

Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

Jewellery Museum.


3rd Day: Tehran- Ahvaz.

Fly to Ahvaz then Drive to ancient city of Susa which the first governments of the world was formedand in it:

Tchogazanbil Zigorat, Elamite Temple dating from 1400 BC (UNESCO Site).

Tomb of the Profit Daniel (6th century BCE).


4th Day: Ahvaz- Shiraz.

Drive to ancient city Sushtar, then continue to Shiraz.

Shushtar Watermills (UNESCO Site).


5th Day: Shiraz.

Shiraz is the city of gardens and famous poets. Visiting this Iranian dreamland:

Nasirol Molk Mosque.

Karim Khan Zand Palace.

Vakil Complex (Vakil Mosque, Vakil Hamam, Vakil Bazaar).

Pars Museum.

The Tombs of  Hafez.

 Goran Gate.

Marvel at mirror decoration of Ali ebne hamze Holy Shrine.


6th Day: Shiraz- Kerman.

Drive from Shiraz to visit one of the most glorious sites of the world:

Persepolis ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (UNESCO Site).

Rock tomb of Naqsh-e-Rajab and Naqsh-e-Rostam.

Pasargade the Tomb of Cyrus the Great (UNESCO Site).

, then continue to Kerman:



7th Day: Kerman –Mahan and Rayen.  

Drive to Unique Mahan and Rayen to visit:

Mausoleum of Shah Nematollah-e-Valli

Shahzadeh Garden (UNESCO Site)

Rayen Castle.


8th Day: Kerman-Yazd.

Visiting Kerman, the most important city in the southeast of Iran:

Ganj Ali Khan complex (Bath & Bazaar)

Jame Mosque

 , then drive to Yazd.


9th Day: Yazd.

Full day tour in Yazd, the first mud-brick city of the world, including:

Alexander prison.

12 Imam dombe.

Old city streets.

Jam-e- Mosque.

Water Museum.

Amirchamaq complex.

Bazaar-e-khan old Bazaar.


Zoroastrian Fire temple.

The Tower of silence.


10th Day: Kharanaq- Chak Chak- Meybood

A worth excursions to visit desert village, monument and Zoroastrians holy temple: 

Kharanagh village.

Caravan Sarai.

Shaking minaret.

Holy Chak Chak.

Narin castle (the oldest mud brick castle in Iran).

Caravansarai "Shah Abbasi".

Zeloo Museum.

Ice- house.

Handicrafts showroom.

Pigeon House.


11th Day: Yazd- Naein- Isfahan. 

Drive from Yazd to Isfahan and we visit Naein in the route.

Jame Mosque.

Cultural  Museum.


12th Day: Isfahan.

Full day city tour of Isfahan the jewel of ancient Persia including:

Hasht Bahest Palace.

Imam Square (Ex. Naghshe Jahan Sq.) and Imam Mosque.

Ali Qapou Palace.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque.

Chel Sotoon Palace.


Zayande roud river bridges (Siose and Khaju Bridge).



13th Day: Isfahan –Abyaneh- Kashan.

Continue visiting Isfahan Attractions, then drive to Abyaneh and Kashan.

Jame Mosque.

Vank cathedral Church.

UNESCO recognized village of Abyaneh.



14th Day: Kashan- Hamadan.

Visit Kashan and then drive to Hamadan.

Historical houses of Brugerde and Tabatabae.

Sultan Ahmed Khan Hamam.

Fin Garden.


15th Day: Hamadan.

Enjoy visiting Hamadan, one of the oldest cities in the world:

Alisadr Cave the unique phenomena in the world.

Shir-e Sangi (the Stone Lion).

Dervish Monastery of Gonbad-e-Alavian.

Esther & Mordecai Tombs (the most important Jewish pilgrimage site in Iran).

Ganjname (UNESCO Site). 


16th Day: Hamedan- Kermanshah.

Continue visiting Hamadan Attractions, then drive to Kermanshah.

BuAli Sina (Avicenna) Mausoleums.

Baba Taher Mausoleums.


17th Day: Kermanshah.

Kermanshah is a city with rich Paleolithic heritage, our visit includes:

Kangavar sasanid ruined fire temple.


Statue of Hercules.

Taq-e Bustan bas relief carvings (UNESCO Site).


18th Day: Kermanshah- Takab.

Drive to interesting village of Takab and visit:

Takht-e Soleiman Sasanid castle.

Fire temple.


19th Day: Takab- Tabriz.

Drive to visit the marvelous village of Kandovan, then continue to Tabriz.

Tomb of Shahriar.

Jame and Kabood mosque.


20th Day: Tabriz.

Drive to Jolfa then return to Tabriz, a famous city for its oldest civilization sites dated back to 1,500 B.C to visit:

St Stephanos Armenian Church at Jolfa (UNESCO Site).

Azarbayjan Museum.

Exotic bazaar.


21st Day: Tabriz- Zanjan.

Move to Zanjan, the city of beautiful handicrafts. In this heritage city we will visit:

Gonbad-e Sultanieh dome (UNESCO Site).


22nd Day: Zanjan- Qazvin.

Drive from Zanjan to former capital of the Persian Empire under Safavids, Qazvin, to visit:

Jame' Atiq Mosque of Qazvin.

Heydarieh mosque.

Masjed Al-nabi (Soltani Mosque).


23rd Day: Qazvin- Ramsar.

Drive from Qazvin to Ramsar, the most beautiful city in the border of Caspian Sea.


24th Day: Ramsar- Sari.

Drive in the border of Caspian Sea to arriving Sari.


25th Day: Sari- Mashhad.

Drive a long distance to Holy Mashhad.


26th Day: Mashhad.

Imam Reza's Holy Shrine.


Nader shah's tomb.

27th Day: Mashhad

An Excursion to Shandiz and Torqabe with visiting Ferdosi Complex.


28th Day: Mashhad- Tehran.

Half day you are free, in the evening we fly to Tehran for your return flight.


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Tour Services

 Tour Services: 

1. Visa Reference number.

2. Accommodation in 3*, 4* Hotels.

3. Breakfast.

4. English speaking Guide.

5. All transfers and Transports, Pay Tolls taxes and Road Permits throughout your Journey in Iran.

6. Tea, coffee or fresh fruits once every day in the evening.

7. An A/C car (Chartered bus, Van)

8. Your domestic flight ticket. 

9. Airport transfer for tour date. (Arrival earlier or departure later does not include) 


Please note that he tour price does NOT include:

1. Visa Fees.

2. The entrance fees of sightseeing and museums.

3. The lunch and the dinner.

4. Your personal expenditures or Tips.

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